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All On 4


The All on 4 procedure is used to replace the entire teeth of the upper jaw or the lower jaw. Typically the dentition is deemed hopeless; either damaged by periodontal disease or caries or heavy occlusion. There are alternatives to the All on 4 procedure, but this treatment can be done fast and without lengthy bone grafting procedures.



All On 4 can be done from start of the surgery to completion in 3 days. This is the reason why this procedure is so popular, because patients do not want to be without teeth for too long. As a general rule, the All On 4 avoids the need for bone grafting as there is usually plenty of bone at the front of the jaw, where we avoid the sinus and lower jaw nerves.


Once the implants have been placed in the jaw bone, an impression is taken and sent to the laboratory and the denture is connected to the implant on day 3. The gums and bone are still healing, and at 6-8 weeks final adjustments are made to the denture.


In the lower jaw, the bone is much thicker and can support the entire denture on four implants. In the upper jaw, the bone is thinner, and yes four implants can support the denture but there have been known cases of overload failure due to heavy biting. In the upper jaw it is much safer to place five or six implants to distribute the load.


The success rates of this procedure are quite high, but there are other alternatives to the All On 4. A full consultation with Dental Essence is required to plan and prepare these complex cosmetic dentistry procedures.