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Dentist for Children in Essendon

How a children friendly dentist can help your son or daughter


We often get asked by parents who come into Dental Essence, "at what age is the best time to bring children to the dentist?" The determining factor is how well the child can tolerate strangers. Some children will scream and shout before even entering the dental rooms. In cases like this, it’s best to wait and allow them to get used to the dental settings.


With a team of child-friendly dentists working at our family dental clinic  in Essendon, we advise that the parents get an examination whilst the child is watching so they can see what a dentist is and that he counts teeth and makes sure that they are healthy. Once the child has observed mum and dad getting their teeth looked at, then they are more open to a simple dental examination.


As a general rule, the age of 4-5 years old should be a rough guide for their first dental visit. Prior to this age it is advisable that parents have a regular brief look inside their child’s mouth.



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Thumb and dummy sucking



Young children often suck their thumbs or their dummys. In a growing child this can adversely affect the shape of the teeth and bones if left untreated. The result is an open bite of the front teeth.



The best treatment is early intervention. These habits need to be detected early so that the upper shape of the jaw is not affected. Once the thumb sucking has been identified we need to then place a functional appiance to correct the open bite.


Cross bite


Children with cross bite need to be corrected very early, to allow normal growth to occur. If the crossbite is allowed to continue, you will get restricted growth of the upper jaw (constricted maxilla) or too much growth of the lower jaw. This results in a crowded teeth, and large shape deficiencies between the jaws.


Early correction allows for natural growth of the maxilla to catch up to the mandible, where as if left untreated until adulthood we are looking at surgery assisted expansion of the maxilla to correct the cross bite.


Once the maxilla has been expanded to the appropriate size the teeth can be straightened with orthodontics braces.


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