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Restore your beautiful smile with our cosmetic dental services


If there’s one thing that many people would change about their appearance, it’s that they would prefer a more appealing smile. Your smile is often the first thing that people notice about you, and an appealing smile will typically get a more positive response than an unappealing one.


Dental Essence is your trusted cosmetic dental clinic in Essendon, providing a high quality range of services to give our valued patients the dazzling smile they want!


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Read more about some of the cosmetic dentistry services available from our clinic below.


Cerec Restorations (Fillings)


For many years dentists have been restoring teeth with either the unsightly Amalgam or Composite Resin. Although it is matched to the shade of your teeth, this material starts to discolour and wear down within 5 years. Like Cerec Crowns, a technology has been created enabling dentists to manufacture restorations (fillings) using the same technique.


Your cosmetic dentist will prepare the cavity by removing the old restoration or decay. An optical image is taken, scanning the tooth then transferring it to the computer. The restoration is designed and then sent to the milling machine, where it is cut using a shade selected solid porcelain block. When completed the restoration is tested for the fit and the bite is adjusted accordingly; once the dentist is satisfied the restoration is then cemented in. CEREC Restorations offer more strength and durability and are more colour stable than composite resin.




Commonly known as caps, crowns are used to restore teeth that have broken down, have become weakened from root canal treatment, that have developed several cracks due to constant chewing and grinding over the years or even due to the expanding and contracting of the old unsightly amalgam (silver) fillings.


Crowns are made up of two types of materials Porcelain which is matched to the colour of your natural teeth, also Gold alloy making it extremely strong allowing structured support as it covers the entire tooth preventing it from breaking, splinting or chipping.


There are two stages to this treatment:


1st stage: We will have impressions taken of both the upper and lower teeth, also an occlusion; this is to enable us to see where the teeth meet when they are together. These impressions allow us to get an accurate replica of your teeth.


We then prepare the tooth, trimming the sides, length and front surfaces allowing room for the crown.


Once the tooth has been prepared we take another impression. This, along with the other impressions, is given to the technician allowing them to construct the crown. This procedure often takes up to 2 weeks; in the meantime a temporary crown is placed over the tooth to protect it.


2nd stage: At the next visit the dentist removes the temporary crown. The new crown is tried in place to make sure that the dentist and the patients are happy with the fit and the colour. Once they are pleased with the result, the crown is then cemented in.


The Advantages are:

  • The longevity is 20 years +
  • Great colour match
  • Very strong


The Disadvantages are:

  • Expensive
  • Two visits
  • On occasions the metal underneath

can be seen around the gum line area


Porcelain veneers

There are many things that can cause damage to our teeth. They can become discoloured, chip, break, develop decay or become crowded, and other times we are just not happy with the shape or gap between our teeth.

A technique has been developed that allows patients to permanently correct the above irregularities, by placing a custom made porcelain veneer over the outer layer of your teeth.

A very small amount of your natural tooth structure is removed, allowing space for the placement of the veneer. An impression is then taken allowing the technician to prepare the veneer.

The veneers are bonded to your natural tooth structure using a strong bonding resin, and are then trimmed and polished.

By placing porcelain veneers we can recreate the shape colour and contour of your teeth. We can close gaps, make slightly crowded teeth appear straight and lighten the colour of the teeth permanently. These veneers are resistant to staining, as they are glazed and are highly polished. At Dental Essence we want to make sure that the colour match is perfect so we get our Ceramist to come to the practice and select a colour shade that suits your mouth in consultation with you. That way you also know that all our Ceramic work is done by an Australian Ceramist not an overseas dental Laboratory.


Teeth whitening

Are you interested in having a whiter, brighter smile?

There are several ways to lighten/whiten your teeth.

You have the option of chair side whitening, this is where you attend a dental surgery, and the dentist will place the whitening solution on to your teeth and within an hour you will notice the results. You will also be given a take home kit to maintain your desired result.

The other alternative is to use the take home kit; you will get the same result however it takes approximately 2 to 3 days to notice a result.

Your dentist will decide which the best is for you.

This procedure is safe providing it’s done under professional supervision.

There are some patients that this procedure may not work for; they are Patients that have tooth coloured fillings, crown or veneers on their front teeth as the material used will not change colour/shade.

It is advisable to visit a dentist to determine whether this treatment is suitable for you.

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