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Invisalign is an alternative to braces for simple to moderate cases. It is not suitable for severe crowding. Similar to braces, your dentition must first be healthy. Measurements are taken of your teeth and jaw and how they relate to each other. Photos and radiographs are taken, and a treatment plan is devised.


The advantage of invisalign is that it is a clear teeth straightening system, and you can take them off if you if you need to attend an important function. The invisalign aligners are to be worn 23 hours a day and for 2 weeks at a time. The only time you take them out is when you eat. Every two weeks a new aligner is fitted and gradually your teeth are moved into perfect alignment.


The disadvantage of invisalign is that it is more expensive than normal braces and it is reliant on patient compliance. Braces are stuck on your teeth and there is no choice about it, whereas with invisalign, some patients forget to wear the aligners, and when they come to see the dentist, they will say they have worn the aligners but they have not. This can affect the success of the invisalign as the aligners will not fit properly if they are not used correctly.