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Receding Gums


Receding gums are caused by gum disease, aggressive tooth brushing or thinning of the bone from poorly planned orthodontics. A Gingival graft can be performed to attached gum tissue from a donor site. A more expensive alternative would be to use AlloDerm which is derived from cadavre skin but has no cells in it.




The typical donor site is from the roof of the mouth. Small incisions are made in the roof of the mouth, and slice of connective tissue is removed from the palate. That same donor tissue is then placed to the recipient site and allowed to heal. Critical to the success of this procedure is the graft being held into place. The procedure results in some minor discomfort to the roof of the mouth and to the donor site. Our cosmetic dentistry specialists at Dental Essence ensure you feel calm and confident about your procedure, both before and after it is completed.