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Root Canal Treatment


When a tooth is infected with bacteria and has reached the nerve tissue inside the tooth, intense pain often develops. Less frequently an infected tooth may not cause any pain at all until an abscess forms.


The following are common symptoms that you may experience from infected teeth:


Sensitivity to hot and cold liquids, sensitivity to sweets, also pressure when biting all of which tend to linger on for some time, severe tooth ache, throbbing, ache that wakes you up at night also swelling around the area.


It is advisable that if any or all of the above symptoms occur visit your dentist as soon as possible. These are the obvious signs that the nerve in side your tooth if infected or damaged.


Your endodontist will make a diagnosis by checking the examining the teeth, and taking x-rays to determine if the tooth can be saved. There are some times when a tooth cannot be root canal treated and has to be extracted and our general dentist  will then explain to you the options that are available at Dental Essence and elsewhere.




To alleviate this pain the tooth is extracted or a Root Canal Treatment is done to save the tooth. The dentist will remove the damaged and infected pulp, clean out the canal, enlarge then shape them. Antibacterials are placed inside the root canals to help stop the infection and inflammation. Once the bacterial infections are gone the root canals are filled with and restored. Several visits are needed to complete the treatment.


Root Canal Treatment are not 100 % successful. things can go wrong. The treated tooth can fracture before the completion of the RCT. The files used to clean the canals can break inside the canals. Success rates of molar canals are typically 90% whereas retreatment of RCT can be as low as 70%. Once completed it is recommended that the molar teeth are crowned to protect them from breaking or fracturing as a root canal treated tooth is weakened.