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Sinus Lift


When placing an implant into the molar or premolar region of the upper jaw, we need to avoid perforating the sinus. The sinus is an air filled cavity in the upper jaw, located in the back. This air filled cavity can become inflamed or infected, and hence when we place an implant we want to encase the implant completely in bone.


In cases where the sinus is located low and close to the gums we need to lift the sinus membrane and perform a sinus lift and bone graft. There are two types of sinus lift, the lateral window sinus lift and the Summer’s osteotome technique.


Both techniques can work but are selected depending on how much bone height is present. The more bone height, the more lean towards the Summer’s technique. The less bone, the more tendency to the Lateral window technique.


Lateral window Sinus Lift:


Summers technique


Complications can occur, and they are related to tearing of the sinus membrane. The sinus membrane is a thin sheet of tissue that separates the bone from the sinus. If the sinus is infected or has discharge then you must clear that out first prior to performing any surgery.