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Dental Services for Teenagers




Teenagers are quite often involved in sports. For many contact sports it is advisable to wear a custom fitted mouthguard. Wearing a mouthguard protects the teeth by dispersing forces to all of the teeth instead of just one tooth, thus potentially resulting in fracture. The best available mouthguard is a custom fitted mouthguard made by your family dentist or dental technician. The experienced dentists at Dental Essence in Essendon can help you with a custom moulded mouthguard, offering the tailored protection that you need.



Mouthguards from the chemist do offer some protection but they are not custom fitted to your teeth and have poor fit. That said, the chemist made mouthguards are better than no mouthguard




The best age to be having braces is in your early teenage years. In severe cases it even better to start correcting even earlier using other devices, and then correcting the crowded teeth with braces. Orthodontic braces are a food trap. They are difficult to clean and require very good oral hygiene. This oral hygiene is important as it will reduce decalcification marks left by braces if the teeth and braces are not cleaned well. At the end of braces you will have straight teeth; it’s a question of whether you will have nice white teeth or yellow stained teeth from the plaque and decalcification.

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