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Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening has been around many years now. Used correctly, it is a safe procedure and can lighten your teeth by several shades. Used incorrectly or with the wrong product and you can damage your teeth and your gums. Our cosmetic dentistry specialists at Dental Essence will ensure your teeth are protected and your smile enhanced with our teeth whitening techniques.

The teeth whitening agents are generally hydrogen peroxide based gels ranging from a mild 5% all the way to 35% hydrogen peroxide. The stronger gels are used for in-office whitening where we whiten your teeth in about one hour, giving you an instant smile. This method is for people who want a result straight away, or cannot regularly use the take home whitening kits.



The take home teeth whitening kits contain anywhere from 5%-10% hydrogen peroxide, and are applied using a bleaching mouth guard. The results take about 10 days to notice. Both methods work; the in-office technique just gives you faster results.




Both methods of teeth whitening can result in your teeth being very sensitive. The duration of this sensitivity should last for less than one week.

It is advisable that patients do not consume coffee, tea, red wine, tomato sauce, soy sauce or smoke for the next few weeks as the teeth absorb some of these stains.

There are also patients with tetracycline and viral staining of teeth which results in a very dark discolouration. The results of whitening in these cases vary. There are some cases where whitening is not suitable and your dentist will inform you. Whitening only affects the colour of your teeth, where as other methods can also straighten your teeth, or make them appear long or shorter and less bulky.

At Dental Essence we also make our own whitening tray to guarantee best fit.

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